The TrafiMetrics Framework

The TrafiMetrics framework is an exhaustive data framework aimed at gathering the essential factors, dimensions and metrics of human trafficking, forced labour and modern slavery. Its main purpose is to build a thorough and actionable summary of knowledge and intelligence in each regions of the world where it is applied.

The TrafiMetrics Framework

It is built around 4 main categories of factors:

  • Push factors
  • Pull factors
  • Vulnerability factors
  • Preying factors

For each of these factors we aim to gather the most comprehensive list of relevant dimensions, metrics and indices in order to develop a database that can be adapted, updated and applied for research and reporting purposes.

The Anti-Trafficking Index

In combination with the Trafimetrics Framework, we are also working on an index that summarises the available options to fight against Human Trafficking and Forced Labour. It is meant to provide bespoke and sustainable solutions that respond pertinently to the issues analysed by the Trafimetrics Frameworks.

ATI xx2

It is built around 3 main categories of options:

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Prosecution

For each of these domains we aim to gather the most comprehensive list of relevant solutions, whether they be at a local, municipal, national or international level.