The Research Collective

The Research & Insight Group on Human Trafficking & Slavery

The RIGHTS collective is focused on gathering data and information to build a comprehensive picture of Human Right’s Violations around the world and designing the tools to analyse them, understand them and prevent them. It works to create and to share Human Rights resources via electronic magazine, blog, courses, seminars and conferences.


The RIGHTS Collective has 3 Missions


  • To create and refine knowledge


The first Mission of the RIGHTS Collective is to create a rich, reliable and usable Knowledge Base on Human Rights Violations. This Knowledge Base is built through both primary and secondary research projects. It is meant to provide RIGHTS and its partners with extensive and critical insight into the current phenomena involved in Slavery, Trafficking, and Human Rights Violations.


  • To communicate to a wider audience


The second Mission of the RIGHTS Collective is to translate research, findings and knowledge into articles which are accessible to all. These articles deal with current issues related to Human Rights Violations and are written by our team of Researchers. Our aim is to give food for thought and for actions to the readers.


  • To inform the campaigns and projects of RIGHTS


The third Mission of the Research Collective is to provide RIGHTS campaigns with the most up to date information about Human Right’s Violation and the progress made against them. The Research Collective will also support RIGHTS projects by ensuring they are rooted in evidence-based practice.


To accomplish these missions, the RIGHTS collective counts on the dedication of an international and multidisciplinary team of researchers. Through our expertise spanning the fields of human, social, political and legal research, we look at Human Rights Violations from every angle, and draw tools to fight them from every discipline.